Monday, January 6, 2014

You see what had happened was...

It may not seem like much, but to us this is a HUGE deal. A few months ago the idea of the Lesbutante and the Bo$$ was just that - an idea...Two friends who wanted to do something - something real, something big, something meaningful.  A decorated war vet with a wicked mind for business; a newly-relocated event designer with a desire to plan events for her people... what would or could they do together?  The answers came in the strangest of places.  Two gorgeous friends of ours had planned a speed-dating event to honor how they had met and we could NOT stay out of it.  The Bo$$ wanted to know the whos and wheres.  She can make the connections - she can talk to people.  The Lesbutante wanted to know the hows and whys - she can dress up a joint.  The odd "couple" of the group: a bossy Yankee and an even bossier debutante pulled it together and the  rest is what we hope becomes her-story.  

Now we are hosting our 2nd Lesbian Happy Hour of 100 lovely ladies.  Listed in THE social bible for Austin - The Chronicle - and not just online, it is in the PAPER!! 

We hope you join us on the blog and on the book of face at

2014 is going to be a big year for our community. Stick with us kids!


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