Monday, January 6, 2014

You see what had happened was...

It may not seem like much, but to us this is a HUGE deal. A few months ago the idea of the Lesbutante and the Bo$$ was just that - an idea...Two friends who wanted to do something - something real, something big, something meaningful.  A decorated war vet with a wicked mind for business; a newly-relocated event designer with a desire to plan events for her people... what would or could they do together?  The answers came in the strangest of places.  Two gorgeous friends of ours had planned a speed-dating event to honor how they had met and we could NOT stay out of it.  The Bo$$ wanted to know the whos and wheres.  She can make the connections - she can talk to people.  The Lesbutante wanted to know the hows and whys - she can dress up a joint.  The odd "couple" of the group: a bossy Yankee and an even bossier debutante pulled it together and the  rest is what we hope becomes her-story.  

Now we are hosting our 2nd Lesbian Happy Hour of 100 lovely ladies.  Listed in THE social bible for Austin - The Chronicle - and not just online, it is in the PAPER!! 

We hope you join us on the blog and on the book of face at

2014 is going to be a big year for our community. Stick with us kids!


Monday, October 21, 2013

Top 3 Dating Tips!

Here are 3 of OUR top tips that you that will not only help you love yourself more, but also so help prepare you to love and receive love from a future mate.
Be Honest
If you can’t be honest with yourself, how can you be honest with others? Honesty is important for any genuine relationship, especially the one we have with ourselves. Sometimes, I think that we forget to separate the fantasy of what we want from the reality of what we need. As a result, we find ourselves lost, confused and sometimes desperate looking for a way out. This is the point where people usually find themselves stuck because instead of focusing on the root of the problem, they are focusing on the quick fix.  
Pay attention to your actions and reactions. It easy for us to get distracted with responsibilities and find ourselves stuck on autopilot. A lot of times, I find that people get caught up taking on responsibilities and emotions that really serve them no purpose. It’s wasted energy.
We all have our good days and bad days and sometimes, insecurities can get the better of us. It would be unrealistic to say that you should never have a bad day ever. It just doesn’t work that way and anyone who says that they are 100% confident all the time has a good poker face.
When you do get into a relationship, you will be better equipped to love that person, flaws and all.

The truth can be scary, but you have to take the good with the bad and own it. If it’s a positive truth, then live by it. If it’s a negative truth, then you have the option of either working towards changing it or working towards accepting it.
This honesty will bring you clarity within yourself and will also allow you to be more honest and clear about what you need in a relationship.
Stop, Look and Listen!
Everything you do should serve your purpose. If you find yourself in a place where you feel like you are just going through the motions, take a time out to stop and reevaluate things. No matter how big or small the task at hand or how major or minor the info you are receiving, ask yourself: How will  actions or reaction to this situation serve  purpose?
If it doesn’t serve a positive purpose, don’t subscribe to it. Trust me, this will eliminate a lot of the drama and unnecessary BS from your life and that new energy will attract people who are on the same level. Nobody wants a high-maintenance partner.

Eliminate The Negative Self-Talk
A lot of confidence issues stem from comparisons we make between ourselves and the lives of those we know. Those comparisons are reinforced with negative self-talk and that talk is what tricks us into thinking that we are not good enough. 
When you find yourself lost in a sea of negative self-talk, just replace it with positive talk. Look at your accomplishments, big or small, and celebrate them. If something is really bothering you, transform that bad juju into productive energy and get to work on changing that situation.